We develop solutions for the treatment of chronic wounds and wound infections.

Bringing the production as close to the patients as possible and giving it to the hands of highly educated professionals

We provide personal and customized wound treatment for each patient and each wound.

We enable continuous translation of basic research and development to real clinical impact.

To make it feasible, each formulation with or without active drugs needs to be carefully designed, prepared and tested.

Our products

We develop oral and skin wound dressings. We have developed different wound dressing formulations that can be used as wound dressings or carriers for relevant drug molecules/active substances and plan to continue the research and development in designing new formulations as “standard dressings” where active substances can be incorporated. We have constant collaboration with clinicians who help to design our products and solutions in according to the actual clinical need of the patients. Our dressings are biocompatible and the incorporated drug substances can be varied. Our technology and manufacturing will be automated to achieve high manufacturing standards at the point of care.

Our partners

We have collaboration with clinicians, dentists, veterinarians, hospital pharmacists working in clinics. In addition, we constantly consult with manufacturers and regulatory bodies.

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